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Introduction »


Well,my name is Timothy , but just Timo is fine. I`m a 25 year old boy from Belgium. I work as a sales advisor for Ford Belgium. I live in Tongeren, a place not so far away from three big cities in Belgium and The Netherlands (Liège,Hasselt and Maastricht). I'm holding a degree in marketing management and logistics from the University College in Diepenbeek, Belgium. I did a specialisation in Innovative and Creative marketing. 








Hobbies »


I'm perfectly quatrolingual, so don't hesitate to contact me in Dutch,English, French or German. I understand Spanish.


I'm fond of going out, going to the gym, the spa and the movies. Moreover I like visiting some nice restaurants and just enjoying the good life.





Contact »


Feel free to contact me at one of the mentioned beneath options :


         E-mail : vrancken.timothy@gmail.com




 decatylen@hotmail.com  on MSN Messenger



Mobile Network


 Belgium    +32 479 42 45 59
 Netherlands    +31 6 555 266 85

 United States                              On Demand



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 http://twitter.com/betimoken on Twitter


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